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November 28,2017

I have a border collie.  Like most border collies she is focused, intense, a little eccentric and has OCD (obsessive, compulsive disorder ). She is obsessed with play; especially frisbee.  Whenever I go out to play frisbee with her, I always take more than one.  I usually take seven.  I have to take more than one because she catches the frisbee I throw and returns it to me, but will not let it go so that she can enjoy running and catching other frisbees. If I have another frisbee in my hand she will let go of the one so that she can be ready for the next one I am holding.  She has seven because I don’t have to bend over as often. She never tires; I do! As I was playing with her this morning, I reached to take the one out of her mouth.  As usual, she would not let it go. While I was reaching for another I said to her, “let it go.”  Not until I had another in hand to throw did she give in and drop the first one. Then she happily darted out to continue her favorite game.

As I was playing with her it occurred to me that often us humans hang on to things we need to let go. It is not a perfect analogy.  Most of us have something we have to let go before we can fully enjoy the abundant life God wants us to have.  It may be a grudge, a painful past, an unforgiving spirit, or any number of other things that hold us back.  God wants us to let those things go!  Our minds and hearts need to be uncluttered so that He can fill them with His love and forgiveness. We are then free to pick up the new life without the baggage.

Today, if you are holding on to something you need to let go, let it go immediately and begin to enjoy all God has for you.


Suggested reading and listening list

I encourage you to link to each of the items in the reading list.  You are sure to find something there that will bless your life.  All the selections are reasonably priced, and I have read or listened to each and highly recommend them.
Be blessed,

The Purpose Driven Life
D-Day, June 6, 1944, the Climactic Battle of World War II
High and Lifted Up
, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Tyler Talks Back,  CD Allen Levi
Revealing Jesus CD
Revealing Jesus DVD
The Pursuit of Holiness
Portraits In Courage by George W. Bush
Worship Changes Everything.
The Insanity of God.  A true story of faith resurrected.
Revealing Jesus: A 365-day devotional
The Dogs of My Life and What They Teach Me About the Kingdom of God
How Time Flies (includes, “The Touch of the Master’s Hand.”)
Hope (includes the song, “Still”)
The Hiding Place
*Thera Cane
Life’s Ultimate Privilege
True Treasure (This is a Christian Children’s Book)



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