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January 14, 2018

A few months ago I was dog sitting for a neighbor. I love dogs.  One of my favorite sayings is,  “Dogs are my favorite “people.”  I never met a dog I did not like.

These dogs are bull terriers.  I had never been introduced to this breed until my neighbors moved in. I liked all three of them immediately. Dogs, like people, have distinct personalities.

The first day of my assignment, I took each dog outside separately.  The first dog out was the Alpha female. The Alpha dog has to be the boss of all other dogs. Whenever there is another Alpha dog around, things can get contentious. My dog, also an Alpha female, was in my yard but I had the neighbor’s Alpha dog on a leash. There should have been no problem.  Boy, was I wrong!  The dog on the leash saw my dog in my yard and was off like a bolt of lightning, pulling me behind.  She was moving so fast I could not keep up, and with the leash wrapped around my hand, she quickly dragged me facedown to the sidewalk and then halfway across the yard before I could free myself from the leash. Picking myself up and reaching for my glasses, which had been thrown to the ground when I hit the sidewalk, I could tell, from the uproar, the two dogs had met. They sounded as though they were killing each other. I ran as fast as I could. By the time I reached my house, they were in my garage doing laps around my car.  I was in hot pursuit, also running laps trying to catch the dog on the leash, but she would pull away, and around and around we would go again. When they finished running circles in the garage, they darted into the driveway.  My husband had just pulled in and seemed amused that we were now doing laps around his car.  I finally said to my husband, “Will you stop laughing and try to help me?” Even with the two of us, we struggled to catch the dogs and separate them.  The whole scene must have been comical for passersby to watch.

As I sit here recalling this event, I can’t help but laugh. Several hours removed, the picture in my mind of being jerked to the ground, dragged across the yard, and chasing two dogs in circles, was hysterical. I believe God would have us laugh at ourselves sometimes. I could have taken this much too seriously. It could have been serious.  I thank God I don’t have any broken bones. When I think of how hard I hit the pavement, it is a miracle my body is intact! The dogs did not kill each other. There was much gnashing of teeth and flying hair, but neither dog had a scratch. The neighbors watching the scene got a good laugh. My husband and I are still laughing.

Today, if everything seems to be going wrong, take a moment to laugh. Also take time, to be thankful that it is not the worst day you have ever had, nor is it the worst day you ever will have. The Bible says, A merry heart (laughter) does good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.” (Proverbs 17:22 King James Version).  No one wants dry bones.  Laugh today, and allow it to work as a medicine.


Suggested reading and listening list

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, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Tyler Talks Back,  CD Allen Levi
Revealing Jesus CD
Revealing Jesus DVD
The Pursuit of Holiness
Portraits In Courage by George W. Bush
Worship Changes Everything.
The Insanity of God.  A true story of faith resurrected.
Revealing Jesus: A 365-day devotional
The Dogs of My Life and What They Teach Me About the Kingdom of God
How Time Flies (includes, “The Touch of the Master’s Hand.”)
Hope (includes the song, “Still”)
The Hiding Place
*Thera Cane
Life’s Ultimate Privilege
True Treasure (This is a Chrisitan Children’s Book)

I encourage you to link to each of the items in the reading list.  You are sure to find something there that will bless your life.  All the selections are reasonably priced, and I have read or listened to each and highly recommend them.
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